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segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009

Municipality of Recife forgets hole in the street district of Middle Plantation.

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For more than 6 months were asked the City of Recife, plug a hole in the AV. Visconde de São Leopoldo, in front of Praça João Miguel de Souza Junior at Middle Plantation. The hole is causing danger that the vehicle passes the street. It is the duty of the municipal government to do the paving and drainage of Via. Residents have sent a letter to EMLURB requesting action. The photo of 06 February of this year shows the danger of the hole causing an accident in the area. FYI: MANOEL JOSE DE SANTANA (MANOEL LIMOEIRO) E-mail: Contact: 81-87405965.

Visit the blog community with 414 posts with pictures showing all the problems of the Roda de Fogo. or search on google for: GRUPO KINGDOM WHEEL OF FIRE.

Recife-PE., August 31, 2009, Monday.

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